Fuse-2.5.3 for Ubuntu Dapper

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Fuse (Filesytem in Userspace) allow programmers to implement a fully functionnal filesystem in userspace. This way, user can mount a remote filesystem shared through SSH, mount an audio CD through libparanoia…

In its testing release, Debian uses fuse-2.5.3. I synched it to Ubuntu Dapper.

The last fuse deb I shared was fuse-2.4.2. Among the changes brought to fuse-2.5.3 we can highlight many bug fixes and a better support for /etc/fstab making use of /sbin/mount.fuse .

Installing fuse-2.5.3 on Dapper is fairly easy, you simply need to add Debuntu debian packages repository and apt-get update, apt-get install fuse-utils.

If you do not know how to add a repository to your source list, refer to Debuntu debian packages repository and follow the instructions.