gaim-2.0.0beta4 .deb package for ubuntu Edgy Eft

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Gaim 2.0.0beta4 has been released, amongst the new features, we can point out gaim-text, a console based interface to gaim developed by Sadrul during Google Summer of Code 2006.

Gaim 2.0.0beta4 comes with a major API changes. The core API is being splitted from the GTK User Interface API.

As a result of the changed API, gaim-libnotify did not work anymore. I’ve patched it so it is compatibles with gaim-2.0.0beta4.

Both gaim-2.0.0beta4 and gaim-libnotify-0.11 are available as deb packages from Debuntu .deb repository for Ubuntu Edgy Eft.

So add debuntu to your /etc/apt/sources.list and try out gaim-2.0.0beta4.


Here are some screenshots and shortcuts for gaim-text

gaim-text main window gaim-text chat window

Once connected, you land on the buddy list window, just like it uses to be with gaim GTK interface. You can then start messaging any of your contact by simply typing Enter key. This will open a new window where you can type you message and press enter to send. As you will see, you will then have 2 tab at the bottom of your terminal window. To go back to the previous window, the one with your buddy list, you can use both key combinations: Alt+p and Alt+n to go respectively to the previous or next windows.

Once you finished chatting with that buddy, you can close the window by typing: Alt+c

gaim-text account window gaim-text menu

A handy key combo is Alt-a which pops-up a menu context where you can access: accounts,buddy list,debug window,plugins, preferences and status menu. Same here, if you want to close any of the window which you might have opened, press Alt+c.

Other funny key bindings are Alt+r to resize a window and Alt+m to move a window around.

There is many other key bindings I won’t get through here, check the list below.

If it happens that you closed all windows and are just left with a blank screen, press Alt-a to get back to the menu, then you can choose buddy list for instance

Some other gaim-text combinaisons

  • Alt+a : brings up the action menu
  • Alt+w : pop a windows up which contain a list of opened windows to easily go from a window to another
  • Alt+m : move the window you had the focus on
  • Alt+r : resize the window you had the focus on
  • Alt+p : go to the previous window
  • Alt+n : go to the next windows
  • Alt+q : quit gaim
  • Ctrl+o : pop up the menu of the window, if it has one, currently only available for the buddy list windows where you will be able to access Options and Accounts menus
  • Alt+, : move the current window to the left
  • Alt+. : move the current window to the right

Well, hope you will like it :).


gaim-text on gaim planet: official announcement.