Gsubedit 0.4pre1 debian package for ubuntu breezy

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GSubedit: A linux subtitles editor. Gsubedit: GNOME Subtitle Editor is a GNOME tool for editing and converting DivX ๐Ÿ˜‰ Subtitles. It reads/writes SubRip (.srt) and MicroDVD (.sub) files. Framerate conversion and removing of hearing impaired text is also supported.

This is a software Iโ€™ve been looking for for a long long time.

Gsubedit is a subtitles editor front-end which allow you do modify, spellcheck, split or join subtitles and remove hearing impaired subtitles.

download gsubedit-0.4pre

From the main window

gsubedit main window

you can displace, convert frame per seconds (FPS), remove hearing impaired comments and split the file.

framerate conversion joining subtitles file

GSubEdit currently features the following, where the file types that is supported for each action is within parenthesis:

  • Open and saving of SubRip (.srt) and MicroDVD (.sub)
  • Framerate conversion (.sub and .srt)
  • Frame displacement. Used if the frames is shown to early or to late. (.sub and .srt)
  • Removing of the text used for hearing impaired. (.sub and .srt)
  • Split file into two parts
  • Join two files into one
  • Editing of text, start- and end- frame/time (.sub and .srt)
  • Dragโ€™nโ€™Drop, search and replace and support for i18n (only Swedish is currently available)
  • Spellcheck

gsubedit works fine for me except for the spellcheking. Please, feel free to comment this post and leave your impression on gsubedit.deb.