Debian/Ubuntu Tips and Tricks


Debian/Ubuntu Tips and Tricks


  • Debian Links

    • debcentral
      Debian Linux News
    • debian-news
      Your one stop for news about Debian
    • debianhelp
      Debian Help made easy
    • debianhadmin
      Debian Linux Tutorials With Debian Help Resources
  • Ubuntu Links

      (K)Ubuntu Community
  • Linux

      RPM-Based Tips and Tricks
    • Elite Linux
      GNU News and Support
      For a Free World - forum discussions, blogs, news, articles, shared creativity and knowledge

    • Nuxified
      Free Software and GNU/Linux support forums

    • TuxMachines
      Do you waddle the waddle?
      To give windows powerusers - turned linux newbies - a place to keep up to date on the latest happenings in linux software and to discuss their problems, adventures, and accomplishments.
  • Software

    • subtitleeditor
      A gtk2 subtitles editor
  • Linux Directory

    • monsterb
      The Linux Directory
  • Syndication

  • Webmaster Tools

    • Yagoort
      Annuaire Webmaster
  • Code Samples