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Pidgin 2.0.0 .deb for Ubuntu Feisty 7.04

Posted by chantra on June 4th, 2007

Pidgin, the new name of Gaim as released its version 2.0.0.

Pidgin 2.0.0 is already available for Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon. I have backported it to Ubuntu Feisty Fawn.

People running Ubuntu Feisty Fawn who want to run pidgin and finch, the text based version of pidgin can get it from Debuntu's repository.

Simply add:

deb feisty multiverse
deb-src feisty multiverse

To your /etc/apt/sources.list and then:

$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get install pidgin

Note that by running pidgin, the third party plugins you were using will be disable.


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