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Subtitleeditor 0.10 released

Posted by chantra on August 17th, 2006

subtitleeditor 0.10 has been released. This release comes with new features and a bunch of bug fixes.

A new version of subtitleeditor, the best subtitle editor for GNU/Linux, has been released. Release 0.10 comes with new features and a bunch of bug fixes. Here is the changelog:

  • Add timing fonction: Play Previous/First/Last/Next second
  • Can add a new framerate in "Change FPS" (not save)
  • Use now this format "hours:mins:secs.msecs" ( , to . )
  • Fix: SubtitleTime decimal floating error (thank for bug report : KiKouN)
  • Fix: SSA/ASS marginL/R/V 0 to 0000
  • Fix: Gtk::TreeView set_enable_search(false)
  • Fix: --enable-aspell / --disable-aspell
  • Fix: use by default "autoaudiosink" (gstreamer)
  • Fix: dialog open subtitle don't close (bug #6647)
  • HIG: "Change FPS"

Deb packages are available for ubuntu dapper drake and ubuntu edgy eft from debuntu dapper and edgy .deb repository. If debuntu repository is not yet in your sources.list, follow the intruction given there.

Hope you enjoy :) 

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