subtitleeditor 0.11-alpha1

less than 1 minute read

Hi there,

Subtitleeditor 0.11-alpha1 is release.

It is reported to be an important release, many bug fixes and added features.

Get the latest .deb 😉

Here is the changelog:

  • SSA/ASS work now with mplayer-svn (thank for bug report : Spyros Stathopoulos)
  • Add selection multiple (treeview) * Add column “duration” (treeview)
  • Add function “Add/Remove 100 ms”
  • Add function “Add/Remove 100 ms To Start”
  • Add function “Add/Remove 100 ms To Duration”
  • Fix: search/replace crash (ex: ?. by ?) (thank for bug report : Henrique Malheiro)
  • Fix: translation
  • Fix: ASS/SSA color (save)
  • Fix: SubRip time (save 0:00:00,000 to 00:00:00,000)
  • Debug message
  • Internal change (Color, SubtitleModifier, …)
  • Big clean code

Package for ubuntu edgy eft is available from debuntu .deb repository, if you are using dapper, please refer to the subtitleeditor official site.