Subtitleeditor 0.11 stable released

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subtitle editor 0.11 stable version has been released.

New features, some optimizations and additional languages.

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Version 0.11 of subtitleeditor comes with new features and optimiations. Among the new features we can point out the addition of the pcre library to find and replace subtitles and the addition of Portuguese Brazilian translation.

Here is the complete list of subtitleeditor 0.11 changelog:

  • Add DialogMoveSubtitles (h, cc, glade) and optimize
  • Optimize deletion of subtitles
  • Fix: RegEx (patch by Lubos Stanek)
  • Fix: check libpcre (patch by Lubos Stanek)
  • Fix: check iso-codes (369, 3166)
  • pt_BR.po: add Portuguese Brazilian translation by Eduardo Elias
  • cs.po: update Czech translation by Lubos Stanek
  • es.po: Update Spanish translation by Amaya Rodrigo

You can get the .deb for Ubuntu Edgy Eft from debuntu’s repository.