Subtitleeditor-0.8.0 stable, a Linux subtitles editor

less than 1 minute read

A new release of subtitleeditor, a GTK+2 subtitle editor for linux, is out. Bug fixes from alpha versions, new features…

subtitleeditor 0.8 bring a bunch of new features to make editing subtitles much easier.

In this version, the timing system has been remade and bugs have been fixed. New features include:

  • Open/Save waveform (a real time saver ;))
  • Save the last used directories when opening, saving subtitles or media
  • Add audio and video synch

The project is now hosted on Gna!.

You can find the source and deb packages from subtitleeditor site or use debuntu deb’s repository.

Check out the how tos on using subtitles editor is the related links.