Subtitleeditor-0.9.1 is out, new features, new .deb

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Subtitleeditor 0.9.1has been released. This subtitle editor I already told about in previous articles continue its evolution.

Among the new features, we can point out the addition of new subtitle format and the correction of some bugs.

Yeah, a new shot of subtitleeditor has been released. This software keeps on evolving.

As usual, I carry the deb package for ubuntu dapper on debuntu deb’s repository.

People running on ubuntu edgy eft might want to use the edgy repository instead of dapper.

Here are the new features coming with subtitleeditor 0.9.1:

  • Add formats : MPL2, MPsub and SubViewer2.0
  • Use the contents of the file to determine the subtitle format (regex)
  • Show subtitle format in the statusbar
  • Rewriting “Find” and “Find And Replace” (Regular Expression)
  • Rewriting “Video Player” (dialog Preferences)
  • Add “Move up/down” in encodings preferences
  • Fix: video-player change #msec to #seconds
  • Fix: SSA/ASS ScriptType: “V4.00”/”V4.00+”
  • Clean code

So grab the package from the repository and enjoy editing your subtitles ;).