Web Hosting: Low Cost Web Hosting

1 minute read

Web site hosting hunt usually turn into a struggle. Finding appropriate cheap web hosting is not that easy. Either, they offer cheap hosting but there is no good support or no appropriate functionnality.

Depending on what are your needs, you could be off with an investment of less than 10$ a month.

While I was looking for low cost web hosting, I spent hours and hours searching the web, not finding what I wanted.

What I was looking for was a cheap but efficient and full of features web service. I needed PHP 5, MySQL and the ability to host multiple domain names. A plus would be do be able to pay that using paypal. I finally found what I needed at Servage.Net.

Here is what they offer:

  • 25GB of web space
  • 510GB of data transfert per month
  • Unlimited email adresses
  • 1 Free Domain Name included when you register
  • Free Setup which is done in about 30 minutes
  • Up to 25 domain names can be hosted on an account
  • PHP v4.4.1 & PHP v5.1.1 (xml, gd, freetype, curl…)
  • 1000 MySQL databases v4 or v5
  • Apache with mod_rewrite (to embed your URLs)

A plus is that you can pay using most credit cards as well as paypal.

This only cost 7€50/month which is about 9$30/month. Man!!! Servage definitely suited to my needs, and even more than I really needed but I’m better off taking a big piece of cake rather than saving 1$ a month and having to change web hosting service once I need more web space or data transfert.