How-To: Fight SPAM with Postfix RBL

2 minute read

Spam, spam everywhere! If you are hosting your own mail server, fighting spam can become tricky. Antispam solutions do catch a fair amount of them, but still...

How-To: using Python Virtual Environments

1 minute read

A nice thing about Python is that there is tons of modules available out there. Not all those modules are readily available for your distro and even if there...

How-To: tail multiple files with multitail

1 minute read

Many times you will end up tailing multiple files simultaneously. There is a sweet linux utility called multitail that will let you tail multiple files at th...

How-To: Reboot on OOM

2 minute read

Ever had your linux box getting Out of Memory (OOM)? Cleaning up after the OOM killer kicked in to find out that even though OOM killer did a decent job at t...

Mastering Top

3 minute read

top is most likely one of the most known Linux command and also one of the most used one, however most people do not take full advantage of its capabilities.

How-To: Change boot runlevel with Grub2

1 minute read

Linux start up behaviour is driven by the so-called runlevels. It will use the default value provided in /etc/inittab for some systems (Debian…), or /etc/ini...

How-To: Tmux a Terminal Multiplexer

4 minute read

As a sysadmin, most of my time is spent working on remote machines and different task. tmux is a terminal multiplexer, meaning it allows you to run multiple ...

How-To: Disable pulseaudio and sound in GDM

less than 1 minute read

If like me you use MPD as a service daemon to listen to music, you might be annoyed anytime GDM start a pulseaudio process which prevents MPD from accessing ...

How-To: Setting up BGP on Vyatta

1 minute read

Vyatta is a Linux based distro that ease the set up of VPN, Routers, antivirus…. It has a really small footprint on your system as it only requires something...

How-To: Import/Export GPG key pair

1 minute read

This tutorial will show how you can export and import a set of GPG keys from one computer to another. This way, you can sign/encrypt the same way one differ...

How-To: Customizing SSH client

1 minute read

SSH is great. There is so many thing you can do with it other than just a remote secure shell like X forwarding, port forwarding, authenticate using a privat...

How To: booting another Grub from Grub

1 minute read

Chainloading an operating system allows grub to boot an opearating system’s boot loader. This is commonly used to boot Windows for instance.

How-To: Install Ubuntu on LVM partitions

5 minute read

LVM (Logical Volume Manager) is a great piece of software which allow you to deal with Logical Volumes. Using LVM along with ext3 filesystem, you are allowed...

How-To turn off beep from virtual console

1 minute read

Linux offers a great tool: Tab Completion. With tab completion, you can easily navigate through your filesystem, find command names you forgot the exact name...

How-To: Monitoring a Server with Munin

2 minute read

Munin is a simple to configure tool that make real nice graph about your server status. It can actually deal with almost any aspect of your server (load aver...

How To: Optimize MySQL response time

2 minute read

High loaded website can get slow to respond when a lot of different visitors visit sites querying the same mysql database server, making it slow to respond.

sudoers file: syntax error

2 minute read

I lately updated my dapper box to edgy eft. As edgy eft is unstable and had just been started up, it happens to get surprise.

How To: DPKG guide

1 minute read

This tutorial will bring you through dpkg, the debian package manager. As I introduce apt, I will now introduce dpkg and show how to search which files are i...

How To: Burn DVD’s from the command line

1 minute read

Burning DVD’s from the command line can seem quite geeky, but it happens to be really usefull mainly when you want to back up datas or simply don’t want to b...

How To: APT guide

2 minute read

Apt is the debian tool to install, remove and search packages. It is a front-end to the dpkg package manager and offer easy searching, installing …, by using...