gaim-libnotify-0.9 deb package for ubuntu dapper

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This plugin adds a libnotify interface to gaim, enabling popups much like guifications. It has some configuration options, to show popups when a buddy signs on, on new messages and on new conversations only.

libnotify and notify-daemon aren’t stable yet, so it’s all very experimental.

Here is the the gaim-libnotify plugin for gaim. This plugin is compatible with the gaim-2.0 package I made earlier on.

Download and install gaim-libnotify-0.9.

Edit: gaim-libnotify-0.10 is now available from debuntu deb’s repository . Follow the instruction there and apt-get install gaim-libnotify.

This plugin displays some small notification message a bit like guification, it pops a small message on your desktop when somebody sign on or send you a message.

gaim-libnotify message when somebody says somethinggaim-libnotify message when somebody signs on

gaim-libnotify message when somebody with logo signs on

Please, remember to enable the plugin :).