Google Summer of Code 2006

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Like in 2005, Google renew the summer of code. During the summer of code, google sponsors students to get involved in Open Source software development.

Google gets again involve in the Open Source community by renewing the Google’s Summer of Code.

Summary of the Summer of Code Program

The Summer of Code is a program in which Google provides student developers with a stipend to create new open source programs or to help currently established projects. Google will be working with a variety of open source, free software and technology related groups to identify and fund up to several hundred projects over a 3 month time span. The inaugural instance of the program, which took place during the summer of 2005, brought together 400 students and 40 mentor organizations from 49 countries; were looking to add additional mentor organizations and student participants this year.

Google will provide a stipend of 5,000 USD per developer, of which 4500 USD goes to the student and 500 USD to the mentoring organization upon successful completion of a project. Students will be paid 500 USD upon acceptance of their application to the program, 2000 USD mid-program provided sufficient progress has been made on their project, and 2000 USD at close of program provided their project has been completed; mentor organizations will receive their payment regardless of a student’s successful completion of the project so long as the organization has made a good effort to work with the student. Additional details regarding the mechanics of the Summer of Code Program appear later in these Terms of Service and in our Program FAQs for Mentor Organizations and Students.

People who want to know more can refer to Google’summer of code home page.