Subtitleeditor-0.8-alpha1 is out

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Subtitleeditor-0.8-alpha1 is out :). As its release name says, it is still to be in development and might be unstale by time. Great features have been added to this excellent software. Let’s review it.

I’ve already made some articles on how to edit subtitles and how to synchronize subtitles with subtitleeditor. By now, a new version of this software has been released.

Among the new features we can point out:

  • gstreamer (0.10) for timing support
  • Waveform
  • Select Next/Previous subtitle
  • Move start/end +/- 0.1 sec

Here is a screenshot which should entice undubbed movie lovers.

subtitleeditor with timing support

Get it now and try it :wink: