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Terminator 0.9 beta 1

Posted by chantra on June 18th, 2008

Terminator 0.9, an application that allow you to have multiple terminal within the same window, is getting close to be released. FeatureFreeze has been started since a couple of weeks.

The bugs opened against terminator milestone 0.9 are being closed.

A big bunch of new features and enhancements come shipped with this new release.

A package is available from Launchpad PPA. You can grab the .deb there. Feedback to terminator bug tracker on launchpad are welcome.

Terminator 0.9 beta1

Terminator 0.9 beta1

A lot of new features have being added since the latest stable release, 0.8.1.

check out the changelog:

terminator 0.9:
  * Tab support
  * Drag & Drop support
  * Added support for ~/.config/terminator/config
  * Switch the meanings of "horizontal" and "vertical" wrt splitting,
    after extensive user feedback. Added context menu icons to try and
    make the meaning clearer.
  * Added keybindings for terms size and scrollbar manipulation. Thanks
    Emmanuel Bretelle.
  * Alpha transparency support when running in a composited window manager
  * Completely revamped config system which now transparently makes use
    of gconf settings if they are available, falls back to sensible
    defaults if not, and can be overridden entirely by ~/.config/terminator/config
  * Support terminal zooming - now you can quickly hide all terminals apart
    from one and either scale the fontsize or not.
  * New application icon from Cory Kontros
  * FreeBSD support (thanks to Thomas Hurst)
  * Watch the system monospace font setting. Closes LP #197960
  * Proxy support (via GNOME and $http_proxy)
  * GConf backend now caches
  * Fix redundant title when there is only one Term. Closes LP#215210
  * Try much harder to find a usable shell
  * Support encodings a-la GNOME Terminal
  * Move python support code to a terminatorlib module
  * Many other bug fixes and wider compatibility with GNOME Terminal
  * Add support to cycle term within the same tab. Closes LP#238205.
    This can be disabled by setting cycle_term_tab to False in

Terminator is translated in the following languages:

  • German
  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • Romanian
  • Swedish
  • British English
  • French
  • Dutch
  • Russian
  • Chinese

If your language is missing and you want to contribute. Feel free to check the translation page on launchpad.

Hope you enjoy!

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