Transmission 1.22 .deb for Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron

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transmission, a lightweight bittorrent client version 1.22 was released on the 14th of June 2008.

A .deb package is available for Ubuntu Hardy i386 and amd64 from the debuntu repository.

transmission 1.22 Here is the complete change log:

Transmission 1.22 Released!
Posted by John Clay on 14/06/08
Transmission 1.22 is available for download here.
Thanks to CacheFly for providing the download.

All Platforms
+ Fix two separate BitTorrent unchoke bugs that could affect performance
+ Transmission now builds correctly on Sun Studio
+ Minor man page fixes
+ Fix bug where "Program Started" in the Statistics window would sometimes display as 0
+ Fix crash when quitting while the stats window is still up
+ Added Latvian, Malayalam, Serbian, and Telugu translations
+ Updated Czech, Spanish, Romanian, Russian, Dutch, Polish, Italian,
Portuguese, Catalan, Danish, German, Swedish, Traditional Chinese,
Finnish, and Chinese (simplified) translations
+ Fix scraping torrents with the -s command-line argument