Terminator 0.9 is out

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In introduced terminator in a previous article as multi-view terminal.

Since then, terminator as quite evolved, with plenty of new features that were highlighted in Terminator 0.9 beta 1 post.

It is now officially out with all those nifty features.

check out the changelogs:

terminator 0.9:
  * Tab support
  * Drag & Drop support
  * Added support for ~/.config/terminator/config
  * Switch the meanings of "horizontal" and "vertical" wrt splitting,
    after extensive user feedback. Added context menu icons to try and
    make the meaning clearer.
  * Added keybindings for terms size and scrollbar manipulation. Thanks 
    Emmanuel Bretelle.
  * Completely revamped config system which now transparently makes use
    of gconf settings if they are available, falls back to sensible
    defaults if not, and can be overridden entirely by ~/.config/terminator/config
  * Support terminal zooming - now you can quickly hide all terminals apart
    from one and either scale the fontsize or not.
  * New application icon from Cory Kontros
  * FreeBSD support (thanks to Thomas Hurst)
  * Watch the system monospace font setting. Closes LP #197960
  * Proxy support (via GNOME and $http_proxy)
  * GConf backend now caches
  * Fix redundant title when there is only one Term. Closes LP#215210 
  * Try much harder to find a usable shell
  * Support encodings a-la GNOME Terminal
  * Move python support code to a terminatorlib module
  * Many other bug fixes and wider compatibility with GNOME Terminal
  * Add support to cycle term within the same tab. Closes LP#238205.
    This can be disabled by setting cycle_term_tab to False in 

So get ready and grab the latest package from Launchpad PPA repository.