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How-To: Automatically logout idle bash session

Posted by chantra on 15th July 2013

It can be useful to have a bash session automatically closing after some time. One of the obvious reason you might want this to happen is to make sure that no console is left with root access unwillingly.

Bash comes ready for this and can be configured to automatically terminate after waiting for activity for a given time.

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Debian 7.0 Wheezy released

Posted by chantra on 5th May 2013

Debian 7.0, code name Wheezy, is finally released.

This new release of comes with some interesting new features such as multiarch support and tools to deploy private cloud based on OpenStack and Xen Cloud Platform (XCP).

For the first time, Debian supports booting using UEFI.

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Posted by chantra on 5th July 2010

Last Sunday (2010/07/04) Debuntu server ran into some issues and got offline for some time.
It appears that one of the Raid disk got almost dead and processes were getting stuck in IOwait state.

Anyway, data was safe and everything could be recovered from the disk.

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How To: booting another Grub from Grub

Posted by chantra on 15th March 2008

Chainloading an operating system allows grub to boot an opearating system's boot loader. This is commonly used to boot Windows for instance.

I personnaly use it to be able to have my "production" system's grub on the MBR, and address other distros'grub install on their root partition. The advantage is that kernel updates are real easy to handle. Each testing distro modifying their own grub won't interfere with my main OS bootloader.

This tutorial will explain how to configure grub's menu.lst from the main OS to boot other OSes bootloader through an example.

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Linux Test Drive now taking beta users

Posted by chantra on 14th February 2008

After a number of years in development Linux Test Drive is becoming a reality, from the page:

LTD is a project that has been in development for the last three years. LTD allows the user to determine which distribution best fits their needs utilizing the Linux Distribution Chooser, and then once that is determined, give the user the ability to "test drive" that distribution directly over the Internet, without the need to download. We are currently taking pre-beta registrations for the LTD system.

We believe this project will have a huge and lasting impact on the adoption of the Linux Desktop.

Ruffdogs has contributed to a number of open source projects over the years and is ready to make the biggest impact yet. Please sign up for the early beta and help us tune this system that everybody will be talking about. And please take the time to tell others about it.

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Site changed again

Posted by chantra on 22nd September 2006

Hi there,

People used to debuntu might have seen some changed. Debuntu is now runned by Drupal instead of wordpress.
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gaim-2.0.0beta3.1 .deb package for ubuntu dapper

Posted by chantra on 9th September 2006

An update has been released for gaim 2.0.0 beta 3 fixing a crash while trying to connect to MSN account. This seemed to affect mostly Windows users.

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Posted by chantra on 2nd September 2006

SubtitleEditor-0.10.1, the best subtitle editor for GNU/Linux, has been released.

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How-To Qemu: Run a Windows inside Linux

Posted by chantra on 29th July 2006

QEMU is a generic and open source processor emulator which achieves a good emulation speed by using dynamic translation.

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Subtitleeditor-0.9.1 is out, new features, new .deb

Posted by chantra on 23rd July 2006

Subtitleeditor 0.9.1has been released. This subtitle editor I already told about in previous articles continue its evolution.

Among the new features, we can point out the addition of new subtitle format and the correction of some bugs.

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