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Debian 7.0 Wheezy released

Posted by chantra on 5th May 2013

Debian 7.0, code name Wheezy, is finally released.

This new release of comes with some interesting new features such as multiarch support and tools to deploy private cloud based on OpenStack and Xen Cloud Platform (XCP).

For the first time, Debian supports booting using UEFI.

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Terminator is getting a plugin system

Posted by chantra on 16th June 2010

I already spoke about Terminator a while back. Since then,, quite some time has passed and lots of features were added...

In the last 7+ months, cmsj as worked a lot on getting the whole architecture re-implemented in a more object-like architecture which makes the different component of Terminator interact together more naturally.

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FREE online editon of Linux+ magazine

Posted by chantra on 4th November 2009

Hello Guys!

Just so you know the Team of Linux+ is going to release FREE online editon of Linux+ magazine. There will be 6 monthly issues with 60 pages each available for free download. They are looking for your support!
Write to for more details if interested.


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Terminator 0.9 beta 1

Posted by chantra on 18th June 2008

Terminator 0.9, an application that allow you to have multiple terminal within the same window, is getting close to be released. FeatureFreeze has been started since a couple of weeks.

The bugs opened against terminator milestone 0.9 are being closed.

A big bunch of new features and enhancements come shipped with this new release.

A package is available from Launchpad PPA. You can grab the .deb there. Feedback to terminator bug tracker on launchpad are welcome.

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Transmission 1.22 .deb for Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron

Posted by chantra on 17th June 2008

transmission, a lightweight bittorrent client version 1.22 was released on the 14th of June 2008.

A .deb package is available for Ubuntu Hardy i386 and amd64 from the debuntu repository.

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Terminator: A multi-view terminal

Posted by chantra on 23rd February 2008

Terminator gives the possibility of having multiples terminal within the same window.

As such, it makes it easier to handle multiple terminal sessions as for instance, working in one console and monitoring another one without constantly switching from a window to another.

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Linux Test Drive now taking beta users

Posted by chantra on 14th February 2008

After a number of years in development Linux Test Drive is becoming a reality, from the page:

LTD is a project that has been in development for the last three years. LTD allows the user to determine which distribution best fits their needs utilizing the Linux Distribution Chooser, and then once that is determined, give the user the ability to "test drive" that distribution directly over the Internet, without the need to download. We are currently taking pre-beta registrations for the LTD system.

We believe this project will have a huge and lasting impact on the adoption of the Linux Desktop.

Ruffdogs has contributed to a number of open source projects over the years and is ready to make the biggest impact yet. Please sign up for the early beta and help us tune this system that everybody will be talking about. And please take the time to tell others about it.

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pidgin-libnotify: Gaim-libnotify for Pidgin 2.x

Posted by chantra on 12th June 2007

If there is one plugin that I was missing from gaim since I use pidgin, this was gaim-libnotify. Gaim libnotify pops-up small notification messages when you receive a message or when somebody logs in or out.

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Pidgin 2.0.0 .deb for Ubuntu Feisty 7.04

Posted by chantra on 4th June 2007

Pidgin, the new name of Gaim as released its version 2.0.0.

Pidgin 2.0.0 is already available for Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon. I have backported it to Ubuntu Feisty Fawn.

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SubtitleEditor 0.20.0alpha1 is out.

Posted by chantra on 3rd June 2007

Today, subtitleeditor 0.20.0alpha1 was released.
This new release come with a bunch of new features.

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